Coaching is our passion

From one-on-one development to large scale multi-country business engagements, we know the right coach makes all the difference in the development of a leader.

Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way to help get you started.

Noomii Fire Side Chat Ep 1: Solutions To Toxic Leadership With Jathan Janove

Stephan: Hi, my name is Stephan Wiedner. I'm the CEO of…

The Pros & Cons of Involving Stakeholders When Coaching Toxic Leaders

Toxic leadership is often first detected by the organization…

Leading In Dangerous Times

Over 50% of leaders fail in the first year of a transition into a new role within a new company. Leaders in transition is a timely topic.

Measuring & Seeking a Return on Investment from Executive Coaching

Measuring ROI of financial decisions for their effectiveness is globally accepted. Businesses still struggle to measure 'behaviour' based investment

Executive Coaches Help You Reach Peak Performance Quicker

It takes years to collect the broad range of experiences that executive coaches have so that they can help executives reach their desired results.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is aimed at improving the performance of high-powered executives within an organization.

Team Coaching

The purpose of team coaching is to drive the team towards accomplishing a goal, whether it be completing a particular project, starting a new business unit or meeting sales efforts.

How to increase your ROI (return on investment) when you hire a Business Coach

Hire a Business Coach and increase your ROI (Return on Investment)

Business Coaching

Business coaching is the process of helping a company or business team achieve greater clarity, focus and results.

What Topics Are Appropriate in Leadership Coaching & How Do I Choose a Coach?

This article provides examples of topics commonly addressed in leadership coaching and also makes suggestions for how to go about selecting a coach.

Executive Coaching Helps Leaders Produce Better Results

An executive coach helps with both positioning and experienced analysis. If you are considering hiring an executive coach here are some things to consider.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a methodology designed to help people rise to the challenge of excellence in their chosen domain.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching aims at improving the impact and effectiveness of anyone in a leadership position.

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